General George Armstrong Custer graduated from West Point in 1861, last in his class.  But because of the Civil War, his poor academic standing didn’t keep him from getting a commission, and he quickly demonstrated his military prowess and sense of derring-do and earned the nickname “The Boy General.”  He fought in many battles of the Civil War, including Gettysburg, where he tricked the Confederates into following him right into a Union trap in Hunterstown.  Also, he fought in one of the largest, most heroic Cavalry battles of the war east of town successfully against J.E.B. Stuart.  He’s most famous for his fighting in the Indian Wars, where his bravado added to his reputation.  He was killed in June, 1876, in a major battle that came to be called “Custer’s Last Stand.”  All the soldiers were scalped and mutilated except for Custer – he was neither scalped nor mutilated as a sign of respect by the Indians for his fighting skills.

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