HISTORY(R) delivers four exciting specials in this collection highlighting the final trials and tragedies in THE END OF THE CIVIL WAR. General William Tecumseh Sherman, known as “Uncle Billy” to the North and as a brutal war criminal to the South, wages a vicious five-week campaign of terror through Georgia in “Sherman’s March.” “April 1865,” based on Jay Winik’s best-seller APRIL 1865: THE MONTH THAT SAVED AMERICA, chronicles the last 30 days of the bloody battle from the fall of Richmond to Lincoln’s assassination. In “The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth,” a team of 10,000 federal troops, detectives, and police officers set out on a vast 12-day pursuit to find the president’s killer. While Lincoln’s body was repeatedly exhumed and his coffin frequently opened, nothing compares to the $200,000 ransom plot in 1876 devised by a group of counterfeiters in “Stealing Lincoln’s Body.