Included in this Set: $100 Confederate States of America, 1862 – Features a beautiful vignette of a steam train in the center.  $50 Confederate States of America, 1864 – This note features Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. $20 Louisiana, 1862 – This New Orleans note is from the Presidents Directors Co, of the Bank of Louisiana, and features a warrior on horseback. $5.00 Virginia, 1800’s – This uncirculated, undated 1800’s note was issued by the Trans-Alleghany Bank of Virginia in Jeffersonville. $1.00 Alabama, 1863 – This bill depicts the Capitol in Montgomery and a portrait of Governor John Shorter, issued by the State of Alabama. $ .50 Georgia, 1863 – Issued by the State of Georgia at Milledgeville and depicts 3 workmen talking.