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Jubal Anderson Early graduated from West Point in 1847.  He fought the Seminole Indians in Florida and later took part in the Mexican-American War.  When Lincoln called up 75,000 volunteers to put down the secessionists, Early sided with the Confederacy and was made Brigadier General.  He fought in nearly all the major battles in the East with varied success.   Lee affectionately called him “Bad Old Man,” because of his temper, but trusted him completely.  In Gettysburg, he entered from the northeast and attacked with such fierceness he was a big part in forcing the Union troops through the town.  On the second day, his men attacked Cemetery Hill, and the third day, Culp’s Hill, both of them unsuccessfully.  In the 1870’s, he wrote some articles for the Southern Historical Society in which he put forth the philosophy of “The Lost Cause,” a way of culturally examining The South.

His bust is available here on an ash t-shirt, hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt.