Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is one of the most haunted places in the world. For three days in July, 1863, the fields, farms, and town were left blood-soaked and piled high with wounded and dead soldiers from both the Union and Confederate armies. Tour Gettysburg’s ghost sites through the eyes of a top paranormal investigative group in Pennsylvania, the Chester County Paranormal Research Society.

  • Meet an angry spirit in the basement of the Jennie Wade house, who tries to keep people away.
  • Learn about the negative spirit at The Soldiers Museum that had paranormal investigators chasing it through darken hallways.
  • Hear the tortured children in The Orphanage basement that still romp and play there.
  • Tour the Triangular Field to see Confederate soldiers who still battle and hear a lone bugler who plays Taps late in the evening at The Wheatfield.
  • Feel the torrential rain storm that never happened near Pickets Charge.

The dead in Gettysburg are alive and waiting for you.